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Psychological Assessments

Adults, Adolescents and Children

Comprehensive psycho-diagnostic and psycho-educational assessments are provided for children, adolescents and adults. Assessments are tailored to suit the unique needs of a client.

The following areas could be included in any psychological assessment, depending on the person’s unique needs:

Career Counselling

An integrated, dynamic approach to future career decision making is followed in order to guide the client through the process. The process is supported by background and vocational information, the development of self-knowledge, integration of information and decision making. Recommendations are based on the assessment of interests, aptitudes, personality traits and vocational maturity.

Examination Concessions

This assessment is utilised in order to determine a person’s eligibility for extra time during school or university examinations. The standard extra time assessment battery includes the following tests: cognitive test, scholastic test, reading test and a perceptual test, as well as writing samples. Possible concessions that could be granted once a person is found to be eligible include: extra time, making use of a scribe and computer based examinations. These different concessions are however dependent on whether the school or university makes provision for them.

Scholastic Problems

This assessment is utilised to identify learning and emotional problems as well as social deficits and/or behavioural problems, which may influence the learner’s scholastic achievements. Various aspects that are essential for optimal scholastic performance are investigated. Information is gathered by means of clinical interviews, psychometric evaluation and collateral information from teachers and parents.

Subject Choice

A collaborative and active decision-making approach is followed in order to guide learners in selecting suitable subjects. This process aims to guide the learner in gaining self-knowledge, examination of appropriate subject information from the school, integration of information and decision making. Recommendations are based on the assessment of the learner’s personality, interests, aptitudes, study patterns and study attitudes.

School Readiness

A child’s school readiness needs to be established to determine whether a child is cognitively and emotionally ready to begin formal education. Information is gathered by means of collateral data that includes interview and/ report forms and a comprehensive psychometric evaluation. The psychometric assessment examines cognitive, emotional, social and behavioural developmental aspects, which create a holistic developmental profile of the prospective learner.

Additional Services

Study methods

Study methods are tailored for each individual student according to his/her needs. Aspects addressed in these sessions are motivation, goal setting, effective time management, reading and memory strategies, summaries and self-regulation skills.

Parental guidance

Parental guidance is a practical and interactive process that aims to assist parents to effectively manage problems and behaviours within the home context, so as to optimise the development of their child and create a functional home environment.

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