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Melissa Ferreira Melissa Ferreira PS. No. 011 7528  / PR No. 0860030450316 M.Ed (Ed. Psych) (UFS), Hons (B. Ed Psych), PGCE, BA (Psych) (SU) Educational Psychologist Melissa Ferreira PS. No. 011 7528  / PR No. 0860030450316 M.Ed (Ed. Psych) (UFS), Hons (B. Ed Psych), PGCE, BA (Psych) (SU) Educational Psychologist

Melissa Ferreira (née Bothma)  is a registered Educational Psychologist. She completed her undergraduate studies at Stellenbosch University obtaining the following qualifications: B.Ed. Psych Honours, Post Graduate Certificate in Education and BA Social Dynamics (Psychology & Sociology).

After qualifying as a high school educator, school counsellor and psychometrist, Melissa worked at Rustenburg Girls’ High School in Rondebosch Cape Town as school counsellor and life orientation educator, which led to a particular interest in adolescent mental health and adolescents’ relationship with peers and parents.

Melissa went on to successfully complete the University of the Free State’s Masters programme in applied psychology, which integrated educational, clinical and counselling psychology principles and applications. Resulting in the acquisition of broader knowledge and practice in the field of psychology.

The completion of her internship also took place at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, working at various mainstream schools, special needs schools, a drug rehabilitation centre in and around Bloemfontein as well as at the university Student Counselling Centre.

Her research focus has involved adolescents’ experience of the formation of relationships on MXit (MXit is a type of CMC- Computer Mediated Communication), and she has a particular affinity with the needs of youth in the 21st Century.

Melissa is currently consulting at rooms in Claremont with Dr. Mark Tunbridge & Associates Registered Psychologists Cape Town

I have the strongest belief in every individual’s ability to overcome any challenge life presents. Seeking psychological assistance is the first step in doing so and living a fulfilled life.

An Educational Psychologist is primarily concerned with helping children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing problems in one or more of the following areas: educational, work, personal and social setting, with the aim of enhancing their learning, emotional development and behaviour.

Challenges may  include emotional, behavioural, social or learning difficulties in the home, school or work context. The role of the Educational Psychologist is to assess, diagnose and provide an appropriate treatment plan for the individual, couple or family. Parental guidance and advising teachers where required, forms an important part of the work done by an Educational Psychologist.

Psychological assessments are often necessary in order to gain a deeper understanding of a person’s unique self and circumstances and are recommended as part of the psychological services offered.  

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